Industry will be driven to wall if Lewes’s Phoenix Estate is relocated

Great letter in the Sussex Express, now online, written by Matt Kent, prospective independent candidate for Lewes   After reading Clive Hobden’s letter (Sussex Express, April 17th 2015), I was left wondering whether he had been down to North Street, Lewes, recently to see all the great industry, creativity and jobs that he quite…

Town Council objects to North St planning app.

Town Council objects to North St planning application At the planning committee meeting on April 14, Lewes Town Council agreed to object to the Santon and Lewes District Council (LDC) planning application for North Street. Why? Displacement of businesses on site would lead to the loss of jobs and the loss of the economic cluster…

LPR Press release on Santon application

First response to the Santon/LDC planning application for the North Street Site 17/03/15 Lewes Phoenix Rising is reviewing the planning application submitted by Santon and Lewes District Council for the North Street site in Lewes. Our initial view is as follows: First, we are surprised that the period for making comments on this application, the…

Santon/LDC planning application for North St Lewes Phoenix Rising preliminary response

You may have noticed that the Santon/LDC planning application for the Phoenix Estate/North Street has now been submitted.

On first perusal, there are some superficial improvements in design, as demanded by the South Downs National Park (SDNPA), though we are perplexed by the demolition of the usable industrial buildings of the Phoenix Ironworks, merely to be replaced by pastiche signage on buildings such as ’Shed 2’.

We are glad to see that they have responded to the concerns regarding affordable housing, which has been bumped up to 40%, though the vast majority appears still to be at an inaffordable 80% of market rate.

We will be examining it in depth looking for:

  • A guaranteed provision of genuinely affordable homes
  • Social housing
  • Retention of some existing buildings as requested by the SDNPA
  • A genuinely mixed-use site, providing suitable and affordable space for light industry, manufacturing, creative and community enterprises and youth venues
  • A scheme that actively reduces the need for car use and enables residents to live and work in the same area
  • Adaptation potential for flooding and climate change
  • Innovative and sustainable build
  • Provision of work space for existing businesses during the development period
  • A vision worthy of the largest development EVER in a UK National Park

You can see the plans at Application no. SDNP/15/01146/FUL

Or, just type in SDNPA into your browser, enter North Street in the search box and follow the links.

Comments on Santon plan in Sussex Express

Lewes Phoenix Rising will be looking in detail at the Santon application. On first perusal, few of the concerns raised over the last few years have been genuinely addressed. The affordable housing provision, at 80 % of market price, is simply not affordable and in any case unlikely to be fully delivered as other…

“….they can move to Newhaven.”

“…they can move to Newhaven” This is the response we at Lewes Phoenix Rising have heard on a number of occasions from some Lewes District Council (LDC) officers and members, in response to our concerns regarding the lack of suitable or affordable space for small businesses and social enterprises if their development plans for the…